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Lanyards are great for ID and Security Access Control Systems. They give you the convenience of displaying your name badge, or for logging in and out of ID CArd reader without hassels. Lanyards are also used in a lot of other applications, like eye glass retainer, key holder, cell phone holder, small electronic meter or testing device carrier, and displaying industrial products. 
Attached PDF is our Catalogue for lanyards.
Once you have submitted us all the details of lanyards, we will then set you up a proof. We will then e-mail this back to you for your aproval, once the t-shirt design has been approved and payment has been made we will then proceed to print your t-shirts. We do offer our best service.We do look after our customers.
Send us your Inquiry.
Instructions on how to order your Year Book
You May decide upon the following details as a first step.

  • The size of page / book - Popular size is 8.5"x11"; other sizes are also possible.
  • The no. of pages - we recommend you to go in multiples of 8 pages, such as 64 / 72 / 80 etc.
  • The type of cover required - The popular types are the full color printed and laminated hard bound cover.
  • An alternate is Gold / Silver embossed on single color Litho binding.
  • You may prepare the digital layout of the pages and send it to us digitally. We may recommend you to use any graphics software such as pdf,  psd etc or any other format of your choice but just intimate us in advance so that we can be prepared.
  • You may save one copy with all the pictures in place and another one with only text and borders of pictures (if any).
  • Please save the pictures as separate files with minimum 170 dpi resolution. 300 dpi is ideal and provide links to the text.
  • You may give us a black & white laser printed copy of the document to make sure of the fonts and photo layout.
  • Once you have decided upon the size of page, no. of pages, type of cover and no. of books, then we can provide you with a cost estimate.
  • We shall provide a laser printed proof in 3 days from receipt of digital data. Upon approval of the proof the job can be completed in 2 weeks.
  • Payment can be done 50% with order confirmation and balance against delivery by USD / KD (Cash), VISA / Master Card or Govt. order.

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