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Shadow Boxes
Shadow box frames are created when 3d (3-dimensional) art objects need to be framed. Shadow boxes can be created to accommodate many objects of various depths. Often we will mix objects with pictures to tell a story of a particular event in someone's life.

Shadow box frames are very personal and often make a great gift. Similar to a collage frame, placement of objects and pictures must flow to tell a story. Too many things can become just clutter in a box; too few items or pictures will fail to convey the event or message. Our designer's can help you create a personal reflection of an event in yours or someone else's life that will be cherished for a lifetime and will be a great heirloom to pass to generations to follow.
They are typically presented to members of the millitary upon retirement.These shadow boxes will usually contain the various medals and awards a person has earned through a millitary carrier, the flag of boh their country and millitary service, and their final badge of rank.

Our Shadow Boxes are available in a variety of colors, styles, and profiles to compliment any decor.Any of these moldings can be cut to the desired perimeter dimension. We have organized the images by depth - shallowest to deepest. Click on the images for additional detail.To view matboard colors to line the interior
Matboard Colors
Matboard is used in a variety of ways to create the perfect display.  Mix or match colors for:
  • Shadow box lining
  • Window mats
  • Frame backs in framed acrylic domes
We carry matboards in both standard paper mat and suede mat.While we have attempted to match color and texture as close as possible, some variance can occur. Click on colors for a larger image.
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